Celia, the personal assistant comes to the Huawei P40
Celia, the personal assistant comes to the Huawei P40

As you know, Huawei cannot have Google services due to the conflict between the governments of the United States and China. This has meant that the Chinese brand has created its own mobile services (HMS), in addition to its own application store (App Gallery). Well, the next step is to have your own virtual assistant, since you cannot use Google Assistant. That's why Celia appears, the personal assistant that comes to the Huawei P40

We already knew about Huawei's assistant (Celia) since she announced herself announced at the launch event of the new Huawei P40, but she It is true that in the firmware packages that came with the devices there was no mention of the assistant.

But this changed last week when Huawei P40s started receiving the update EMUI In this update, a higher level configuration “Huawei Assistant” has been introduced with direct references to Celia.

All of this was the preparation for the new Celia assistant to be operational on the Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei P40 Pro+. That is, these Huawei already have their own Siri.

These models already have this new assistant, although it is divided by regions in this early phase of the launch.

Celia, the personal assistant arrives at the Huawei P40
Celia, the personal assistant arrives at the Huawei P40

To be able to use the Huawei assistant we will have to establish the regional configuration of our P40 in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Chile, Mexico or Colombia, in order to unlock this new function. Celia is available in three languages including English (UK), French and Spanish.

Huawei Assistant can be activated by voice by saying “ Hey Celia ” or pressing the power button for one second.

Celia will help us to interact with EMUI applications, open the flashlight, record the voice, as a translation system, multimedia player, to send messages, as an alarm clock, to search for a recipe and many more other typical functions of this type of assistants.

From now on all those Huawei and Honor devices that are receiving the update EMUI 10.1 , they should gradually incorporate Celia as a new function on their smartphones.

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