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Twitch: How to log in
Twitch: How to log in

Twitch is one of the best-known streaming platforms. Although Twitch is a platform very focused on the world of gaming because we can filter the different streams depending on the game they are playing, it is likely that we want to know how to log in to Twitchin order to get a complete experience.

Twitch is probably the biggest streaming platform. On the platform we can find many types of content, although as we say, it is a platform where live games of different games predominate.

Advantages of having a Twitch account

Twitch is a platform that offers users many options, however, in order to enjoy all the options that Twitch offers us we must be registered within the platform.

When registering we can perform the following actions:

  1. Watch streaming restricted for adults, yes we are.
  2. Make donations via Bits (Twitch real money virtual currency).
  3. Comment on the streaming chat.
  4. Follow or subscribe, the latter paying or with Amazon Prime, to our favorite channel.
  5. Be able to stream live.

Sign up for Twitch

If we want to log in to Twitch, we must first have an account on the platform.

  1. To be able to register on Twitch we must go to the purple button where “ Register” is displayed on the official website.
  2. Once we have clicked, a series of fields will appear that we must fill in. On the other hand, we also have the possibility of registering with Facebook in order to expedite the process and connect the Twitch account with our Facebook account and thus have a single access.
  3. Once we have completed the fields, we must click on the button “ Register”.
Twitch: how to log in
Twitch: how to log in
  1. Next, we will receive an email through which we will confirm our account and we will be able to personalize our profile, if so we wish it.
  2. If we don't want to personalize our profile, we don't have to, although it's always recommended if we're going to stream live on Twitch.

Login to Twitch

  1. On the top right of the official Twitch website, there is the " Login" button.
  2. If we already have a Twitch account, we only have to enter our username and password, even if we have registered with Facebook we must choose "Connect with Facebook".
  3. To be able to enter our username and password, we must go to the upper right and click on the "Login session" button. We will fill in the fields and click on the buttonat the bottom of "Login".
Twitch: how to log in
Twitch: how to log in

The process is simple and it significantly improves our experience within the platform, so it is useful to know how to log in to the best-known streaming platform.

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