How to schedule tweets on official Twitter
How to schedule tweets on official Twitter

Twitter has just officially implemented a very attractive functionality, it is the possibility to program tweets automatically simple without resorting to third-party tools or complicated options, with a simple gesture you can schedule posts.

Until now this was not possible and you had to resort to platforms that did this job such as Buffer or Hootsuite, which is that the is usually used to schedule Instagram posts.

However, from now on any user or community manager will have this option in the publication box. When it's time to post a tweet, a new button appears with a calendar and clock icon, just to the right of all the others.

How to schedule tweets on official Twitter
How to schedule tweets on official Twitter

When pressed after finishing writing the specific tweet, a new window will appear to choose the date and time of publication of said tweet in that the user wants the scheduled tweet to be published. When it is ready, just click on "confirm".

At the same time, an option also appears below that allows you to see all the publications that you have been able to schedule in a list, so you can know what is pending if there is one scheduled for a long time and you did not know it. You will also have access to drafts.

To enjoy this functionality you don't have to update anything, you just have to enter the Twitter website with your username and password and try post a tweet, you will immediately notice the appearance of the new icon that we mentioned.

For the rest, you can continue posting photos, videos, GIFs and even emojis along with the text as before The possibility of scheduling tweets It is only available for the web version of Twitter, for the mobile applications we will still have to wait a little time, but it will surely arrive soon or even it will not be necessary to update anything.

In any case, it is very good news that Twitter implements this possibility, so we no longer have to resort to other services if we want to schedule a tweetat a certain time for any circumstance.

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