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How to put tildes in Word
How to put tildes in Word

To put tildes in Word or any other application that allows you to write text, all you have to do is press a very specific key on your keyboard, although in some cases it is not even necessary to perform this gesture because they are set automatically.

If you have never used a computer and this is your first contact with a keyboard, be it a physical one or one from a laptop, you should know that there is a specially dedicated key for put tildes to those vowels that need them when a word requires it.

You will find this key on all QWERTY keyboards that you buy in any store, so you shouldn't worry about that, besides, it is placed in practically the same place on all keyboards,right next to the Ñ , although its position may vary slightly.

How to put tildes in Word
How to put tildes in Word

To put a tilde you just have to press the tilde key first before typing the vowel of the word with the accent. For example, we know that the word "brújula" has an accent, because to put the accent on it you would have to do the following:

  1. Write the b and r first.
  2. Then press the tilde key.
  3. Finally, write the u that will be placed directly with the accent and then the rest of the letters.

That is, before putting the accent on a vowel you will always have to press the tilde key, otherwise it will not be placed and the word will be misspelled because it will have aspelling error , although almost all of the time, at least in Word, that will be reflected.

By this we mean that, if you don't know if a certain word has a tilde, Word will mark it with a red dash just below it indicating that it is misspelled. Just by right-clicking on that word, you will know what error it has and you will be able to correct it automatically.

Activate spelling and grammar checker

Word not only includes a spell checker, but also has a grammar checker, so it will help you write better. In both cases they are activated and when errors of this type are detected it marks them, if it is spelling in red and green if it is grammatical.

To activate it while you write in Word, that is, so that errors appear while you write, you must do the following:

  1. In Word 365, tap the Review tab and then tap “ Editor”.
How to put tildes in Word
How to put tildes in Word
  1. Now click on “settings”. Finally, check the boxes “check spelling as you type” and “mark grammatical errors as you type”.

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