Android 11: shortcuts to smart home and mobile payments
Android 11: shortcuts to smart home and mobile payments

Android 11 holds fewer and fewer secrets, and now we know that the power button menu You will gain two very interesting shortcuts: controls for smart home and for mobile payments, which will facilitate these daily actions.

Until now, pressing the unlock/power button for a few seconds brought up limited options: power off, restart and, depending on the manufacturer, options such as silent mode, taking screenshots or calls of emergency.

In Android 11 we will have more of a screen than a menu on the power button, as its possibilities will greatly increase. It will let us perform tasks such as turn the lights on and off at home, activate robot vacuum cleaners, open smart locks or control the temperature.

In addition, those who use mobile payments on Android will be able to see their associated cards and instantly choose the one they want to use. It is not clear if they will only be those linked to Google Pay, or anyone who uses the NFC of the mobile thanks to the bank's own app.

This information is from the Android 11 Developer Preview, available to developers. Most interestingly, Twitter users @deletescape and @Quinny898 have gotten screenshots of the new features:

Android 11: shortcuts to smart home and mobile payments
Android 11: shortcuts to smart home and mobile payments

Although the quality of the filtered images is poor, it gives us an idea that Android 11 will change the power on and off menu a lotOnly one top row is reserved for the usual buttons: power off, restart, lock, screenshots and emergency calls.

The rest of the space is dedicated to the smart home and mobile payments. It is striking that the button dedicated to the video surveillance camera shows a preview, although it is to be imagined that the video will not be updated in real time.

Let's not forget that Google sells the Nest Mini smart speaker and Nest Hub display, which serve as your home control center. Google is finding a very tough rival in the Amazon Echo speakers, so perhaps by integrating smart home functions into Android 11 it will try to make its ecosystem more attractive.

It is not strange that this detail was leaked, because Android 11 was going to receive an open beta to everyone on June 3rd, along with a presentation event.

After the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Police and the commotion generated in the United States, the event has been postponed, but it seems that details about the new version of the operating system are beginning to emerge.

At first, the quick access to smart home and mobile payments in Android 11 seem like a good idea, but we will have to wait and see better. If there are no delays due to the coronavirus epidemic, Android 11 should arrive at the end of summer 2020, and little by little manufacturers will integrate it into their mobiles.

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