Simyo gives away gigabytes in the summer
Simyo gives away gigabytes in the summer

The temperatures we are having in Spain are beginning to make it clear to us, summer is getting closer and the telephone companies know it. That's why Simyo has decided to give gigabytes to all its users in the summer.

From the company owned by Orange, they want to encourage their customers with an extra for the summer, a time when You know that the consumption of data and calls is higher compared to the rest of the year.

This extra that Simyo grants to its customers is 30 GB, both for those who are with contract as for those who use prepaidIn addition, this bonus can be used by all those who are not Simyo customers yet, but think about becoming one in the near future.

The voucher s e must be activated before September 7 of this year 2020 and consists of 30 GB of additional data to those have in your rate. To spend these 30 GB you will have 30 days and if you do not spend them in those days set by the company, they cannot be accumulated.

Simyo gives away gigas in the summer
Simyo gives away gigas in the summer

To be able to acquire this bonus that Simyo gives away, you must have a rate in the company with the system “ Create your rate” and with a normal contracted data voucher. Bonuses to complete your rate such as night, weekend, chat, social networks, etc. are excluded.

This new Simyo rate will be available to activate, until September 7, in the personal area of ​​the Simyo website or on the app for mobile devices of the company.

These 30 GB can be used for whatever you want, without any type of restriction, except for the 30 days that Simyo grants to spend it, as we have already mentioned lines above.

It is certainly great news for all those who are or will be with Simyo as their telephone company this summer, since they will be able to enjoy many more gigabytes of additional data to their rate, for those summer days in which we do not stop sending photos and videos of our vacations or of the things we dare to do in good weather.

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