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Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know
Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know

If there is an activity bracelet that raises expectations year after year, that is the Xiaomi Mi Band. It is more than evident that this expectation is caused by Xiaomi's ability to make an activity bracelet with great specifications at a very reasonable price. That's why today we are going to tell you everything we know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

There have been endless leaks of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for several months now, thanks to which we have been able to get to know many of the powers and characteristics of the new bracelet from the Chinese manufacturer.

How could it be otherwise, the changes that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is going to experience are great, in order to continue being one of the benchmarks for this type of device globally.

Design between continuity and innovation

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know
Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know

Some images of the design of the next Xiaomi Mi Band 5 have been leaked, where we see two significant changes.

The first is that the screen occupies the entire front of the bracelet, not just a part as was the case up to now.

And the second is the incorporation, at the bottom of the screen, of a button that is integrated into the panel itself and that would do the same functions as the button we already know from the current generation.

Otherwise, the design will be practically the same, with the same type of strap, the same loading system and the same possibilities current.

Some say that despite having grown the screen, the measurements are the same as in the previous generation and that the same bracelets could be worth it, although this rumor is not too widespread.

Bigger and better screen

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know
Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know

If Xiaomi wants to compete with the bracelets that other brands are launching, it is clear that its screen must be better than that of the previous generation and larger.

Well, the new wristband is expected to have a 1.2-inch screen (0.25 inches larger than the Mi Band 4), in addition to incorporating a AMOLED panel more advanced, with better colors and contrast than the current one.

The NFC chip finally arrives

On the Mi Band 4 there was a version with NFC, but it was only sold in the Chinese market, so all the rumors They point to the fact that the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have this chip in all the versions they launch, regardless of the country.

Thanks to this addition, the Mi Band 5 can now be used to pay at any establishment that is compatible with the ContacLess system, for example.

Everything seems to indicate that we will be able to work with Google Pay on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, something that is a great significant advance, by incorporating this payment system of the great G.

Alexa Compatibility

Another novelty is that the new Xiaomi bracelet will be compatible with the Amazon voice assistant, called Alexa With this assistant will achieve a great step forward in this sense, since it is one of the ones that work best and with which we can have a good number of options and possibilities.

PAI System

The EPI system is a technology that monitors a person's he alth through various sensors and factors. This system gives a score, the maximum of which is 100, and from there we can control our state of he alth day by day, as indicated by the bracelet.

Menstrual control

The new Xiaomi mi Band 5 incorporates a system that is capable of measuring the amount of hemoglobin that carries oxygen, something that will also help to control ovulation and menstruation in the woman, directly from the bracelet.

More classic controls

The fact of incorporating new functionalities does not mean that Xiaomi has forgotten the already classic ones such as heart rate control, which It will provide a better monitoring of our he alth.

The monitoring of our sleep continues to be another of the capabilities that this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 retains, in addition to having an option for measurement of blood oxygen (SpO2), something that can help us and a lot to take care of our he alth.

In addition, it continues to have numerous sports modes, although it adds 5 new ones such as yoga, elliptical machine, reindeer machine, jump rope and indoor bike, which makes us have a total of 11 modes.

This way it will be easier for us to control our exercise, since the more modes we have at our disposal, the better the bracelet will adapt to our effort.

Launch and price

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know
Xiaomi Mi Band 5: everything we know

Xiaomi has confirmed through its social networks, thanks to a advertising panel the day we will be able to see the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It will be next June 11 when we will know all its news and we will know how many leaks are true and how many are an invention.

The price is not official as you might suppose, but it is estimated that in China it could go for a price of 179 yuan (about 25 dollars), while in the European market it is believed that he could be talking about between 35 and 40 euros approximately.

On June 11 we will clear up your doubts and we will tell you everything, as always on our website, so that you are informed up to the minute.

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