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What is the best seller on Wallapop?
What is the best seller on Wallapop?

Wallapop is one of the best-known buying and selling platforms, so we may want to know what sells the most on Wallapop.

Our purchases are a reflection of society and the needs that people have in a certain situation. It must be said that there is no product that is the best-seller in Wallapop throughout the year, but it changes depending on fashions, seasons and events.

Although we have already seen how to sell on Wallapop for our ad to stand out, we must take into account aspects of how to title exactly, describe well the product, take quality photos where the object we want to sell can be seen correctly… since despite the fact that a product is like new, if the ad does not show it in such a way, en may not sell easily or as one might expect.

It must also be said that the products that are uploaded the most to the platform do not have to be the best sellers, in fact they are not they are.

The seasonality of the products, a factor to take into account

What is the most sold in Wallapop?
What is the most sold in Wallapop?

In general, we do not have the same needs throughout the year. In March and September the categories that tend to rise the most, both in terms of ads and searches, correspond to the categories of “fashion”, “home and garden” or “decoration” We must bear in mind that it is when Spain begins to get hotter or, conversely, temperatures begin to drop.

This leads many users to buy items that they have nowhere to store during the winter, so sometimes, depending on the product we could find a wider offer and, therefore, better prices.

In Wallapop we can find almost everything since, as we will see below, the categories with which correspond to the best-selling products the restof the year do not correspond at all with the categories with the greatest influx in March and September.

Most Popular Categories

What is the most sold in Wallapop?
What is the most sold in Wallapop?

There are several categories that are very similar in terms of the number of ads and the sales obtained. The most popular sections are: technological products, products related to furniture and decoration and even electrical appliances.

Electronics and gadgets are a really important section within the buying and selling platform. The most popular products are smartphones and tablets, among others. Something we could imagine since they correspond to items that arouse curiosity and that we all carry in our pockets nowadays.

The category of furniture and decoration, as well as that of fashion, they correspond to really important categories within Wallapop, yes, they correspond as a clear example of seasonal categories, with the exception of household appliances.

Most selled products

What is the most sold in Wallapop?
What is the most sold in Wallapop?

As we say, there is no fixed product that corresponds to the best seller because it is a data that varies greatly in different months and seasons of the year.

Wallapop is a platform used by a multitude of users where we can find almost any product, as long as they comply with the general terms, and therefore it is very difficult to highlight which one It has been the platform's top-selling product.

This is also due to the fact that despite the fact that the categories are very broad, not all products have headlines where a certain category is included word, just as it may not be included in the description either.

What we have been able to make clear is that more than 300,000 bikes have been sold in Wallapop and without being a platform specialized in In the motor world, the platform has the largest offer of vehicles between individuals and companies.

Changes during quarantine

A clear example of rapidly changing needs was the coronavirus crisis. Although it was a really hard moment, it served to realize how a society acts in the face of a pandemic of this magnitude.

Let's remember that we found ourselves confined at home for more than two months and that we could only leave our homes to carry out certain actions depending on the phase we were in.

Wallapop has a shipping service through the Post Office that shortens the distance between individuals. Logically, this option was deactivated during the confinement, and despite this, a multitude of machines began to be sold such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, among others, that would allow physical activity at home.

On the other hand, the platform also detected a notable rise in the number of ads on dresses, T-shirts, bags, bicycles, and books This phenomenon was due to the fact that many users realized some of the objects that they no longer use and thus make some money in a really hard time.

As, depending on the phase we were in, we couldn't meet other people to sell our products, Wallapop bet even more on Wallapop shipments in order to try to get users used to using the service. In such a way that in the first week they obtained 50% more shipments than normal,also because several users would have an agreement among themselves for when could be sold.

It is also curious that after a pandemic, the consumption of second-hand products grows due to the possible fear of contagion, despite that the platform recommended that users disinfect the product both when sending and receiving it, in order to minimize the chances of contagion among users as much as possible.

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