Next iPad Pro: This is what it would bring
Next iPad Pro: This is what it would bring

We are getting to know new technical details of the next iPad Pro that would see the light of day sometime in 2021, and it has been leaked that could bring 5G connectivity and the A14x chip, which would be the successor to the A13 that currently equip the most modern iPhones and iPads.

Little is known about the next generation of the iPad Pro, what does seem certain is that the design could be maintained with some changes, in addition to some improvements at the hardware level, details that we know now and that will surely continue to be known in the near future.

A Twitter user named Fudge and another with the nick @L0vetodream have leaked little news that could equip the new iPad Pro. It seems that 5G connectivity and a more powerful processor can finally arrive, specifically the A14x.

Both are doable because usually every new iPhone and iPad always improves the processor of the previous generation, so the A14x chip would make a lot of senseThe 5G thing also because Apple would have to get its act together and launch a device with said connectivity.

Next iPad Pro: Here's what it would bring
Next iPad Pro: Here's what it would bring

By the way, 5G would be offered by the Snapdragon X55 modem On the other hand, it is also indicated that the screen of the next iPad Pro would be mini-LED type, a substantial improvement compared to classic LCD screens, although it would be necessary to see the real behavior that they would have.

Apart from all that, iOS 14 will also be present, the iOS version of which various details have also been revealed in recent weeks. This is at the software level, but at the hardware level improvements are to be expected in the cameras, FaceID, etc.

At the moment we only have to wait to see if these data are finally met, so far what Apple has been doing with respect to their iPad Pro is to launch small updates with not very outstanding improvements in some aspects (Magic Keyboard, LiDAR, etc.).

In any case, we will almost certainly see the iPhone 12 first and that would give us an idea of ​​where Apple will go to improve its new iPad Pro, that is if the arrival is not further delayed because we remember that the coronavirus seems to have knocked down the launch plans.

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