IPhone SE (2020) disassembled: it's an iPhone 8
IPhone SE (2020) disassembled: it's an iPhone 8

There are times in life when rumors are ahead of reality and here it has happened, although it shouldn't have surprised anyone, since since the presentation of iPhone SE (2020) Said to be a minimally refurbished iPhone 8.

Even so, there are those who wanted to check it out for themselves and have gotten to work with the exploded view of Apple's latest launch, the iPhone SE (2020). To make matters worse, there are those who have been able to test it and compare it in real time with the iPhone 8.

Dozens of videos of the famous exploded view run on the net, but the original belongs to Jiang Teardown, who on his YouTube channel Wenzhou Ao Technology has disassembled the iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 8 and compared them simultaneously.


From here, we advise against doing that, unless you like to live on the edge and have plenty of money, since, when disassembling the terminal, the warranty is lost and no insurance covers it It is different that some brand allows the lid to be opened to improve the RAM, for example, but it is not the case at all from Apple, let alone iPhones.

Returning to the exploded view of the iPhone SE (2020) and its subsequent comparison with the iPhone 8, we must also say that there is another user who has ventured to disassemble both terminals and present their similarities. Said user is Rico Cerva and has uploaded his impressions to his Instagram account

In the disassembly video, we see how the iPhone SE 2020 fits perfectly into the chassis of the 2017 iPhone. So much so that the connection between the screen and the back (motherboard) is identical, as well as the system to open the terminals.

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Here we could play the game "Find the 7 differences" and perhaps, beyond 2 or 3 differences we would not be able to find. With this, the issue is clarified that Apple has used the parts of a terminal from almost 3 years ago and that the only thing that has been renewed are the cameras, the processor and the battery connector.

In fact, the iPhone SE 2020 has the same processor as the iPhone 11 that was so successful since its launch, until today. Yes, we mean A13 Bionic chip.

For the rest, and without counting the external appearance that is clearly an iPhone 8, everything is exactly the same. But even so, the idea of ​​a "cheap" iPhone, (from €489 on the official Apple website) gives thousands of people the opportunity to join iOS.

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