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Instagram now shows you your memories
Instagram now shows you your memories

One thing I used to love about Facebook was memories, and as you well know, Instagram is part of Facebook and it was only a matter of time before memories hit the social networkof photo.

So if you tend to upload content quite frequently to Instagram, it is very likely that you have seen the memories after the last update of the fashion social network.

How do you use memories on Instagram?

The first thing you have to do is update the application to the latest version, either for Android or iOS. If you have already done it and you do not see anything similar to what is shown in the image below, it will mean that Instagram has not detected your publication dates.

Instagram now shows you your memories
Instagram now shows you your memories

These memories work just like on Facebook: "A year ago today" If Instagram detects your post dates, In Instagram notifications you can see your memories under this text: "Check the post you made on a day like today one year ago."

If you click on the memories, automatically takes you to Stories. There you can publish them and show the world your memories.

Memories are normal publications, therefore, when uploading them to Stories you can add texts, stickers, GIFs, hashtags, tag someone, etc.

Accessing Memories

Access Instagram memories is very simple, useful if you like to share a post from last year, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Within Instagram, click on your profile icon and now enter the icon on the upper left in the shape of a clock.
  2. You will enter the archive of publications and stories, at the bottom you should see a section of "memories" and you will only have to click under " share".
  3. A new story will automatically open to share the publication in your Stories, along with the date sticker.
Instagram now shows you your memories
Instagram now shows you your memories

Instagram Memories are here and there are no major complications. As we said at the beginning of the post, it was a matter of time before memories crossed the borders of Faceboook and fully entered the fashionable social network: Instagram.

Now that you know what Instagram memories are and how to publish them in Stories, all that remains is for this update to fully expand and memories reach all users of the social network.

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