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Mac mini is renewed with M1 chip
Mac mini is renewed with M1 chip

Apple has presented its new range of devices with the same spectacularity as always. And among them, the new Mac mini, one of its star products that also comes with a surprise in what matters so much to us, the price:from 799 euros. Lower than the previous model.

The new Mac mini surprises us in the same way with one of the star technical elements in this presentation: the Apple M1 processor, which promises to be an extraordinary leap and offer an outstanding increase in speed, maximum performance and minimum consumption.

But let's focus on the features of this new device and what it offers to all Apple lovers. As Apple tells us, it can all be summed up in one word: power.

Mac mini is renewed with M1 chip
Mac mini is renewed with M1 chip

Six times better graphics performance

That's what it's like to have a CPU that's up to three times faster than previous versions, which means a dynamization of the simultaneous tasks in which we are working.

And a particularly important aspect for gamers: six times higher graphics performance, that will delight those who enjoy those games that increasingly demand more from our computers. An essential role in this is played by the fact that the new M1 processor has an eight-core graphics processing unit

Mac mini, like all new products introduced today, focuses its performance improvements on being based on the first processors specifically developed for them. If until now they depended on Intel chips, with the M1 they add a new distinction to their own ecosystem.

According to what we have been told in the presentation, Apple has been working on this processor, integrated in the Mac mini in the MacBook Pro as well and the MacBook Air, a whopping 12 years. We will wait until we have them in our hands to verify their effectiveness.

Same design, better price

And if the processor promises to take the Mac mini to a different level, what doesn't change is the design, unmistakable in this model. You know: the usual square, with 19.7 centimeters on each side and a weight of 1.2 kilograms.

And, as we told you at the beginning of this post, with a cheaper price than previous models, that is, from 799 euro.

  1. Mac mini with 256 GB space: €799.
  2. Mac mini with 512 GB of space: €1,029.

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