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Duke Kahanamoku stars in the Google Doodle
Duke Kahanamoku stars in the Google Doodle

The Doodles are those Google logos that the multinational modifies to celebrate a special event, and that can be seen for 24 hours on the home page of your search engine. Well, today Duke Kahanamoku stars in the Google Doodleto commemorate the 125th anniversary of his birth. Google has dedicated its Doodles to topics as serious as World Working Women's Day, but today it decides to touch on a slightly more relaxed subject: surfing.

In the Doodle dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku we see a drawing of a surfboard with the face of Duke Kahanamoku himself in the middle of the word "Google", and a paradisiacal beach can be seen in the background. Clicking on the Doodle takes us to a Google search on this character, and next to the illustration of the table there is also a button to share the page.

Who was Duke Kahanamoku?

Duke Kahanamoku stars in Google Doodle
Duke Kahanamoku stars in Google Doodle

His full name is Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku, and he was born on August 24, 1890 in Hawaii. He is considered the inventor of modern surfingor, at the very least, the person who made it popular outside of Hawaii, where it was a traditional activity. In his youth he was a professional swimmer and reached the title of Olympic champion.

After retiring he made swimming exhibitions in the United States and Australia, in which he made surfing known He did some roles in Hollywood, and the contacts he established in the film industry also contributed to the spread of the sport. In 1925 he witnessed the sinking of a fishing boat and thanks to his surfboard he rescued 8 sailors, which meant that the boards began to be part of the equipment of lifeguards. Duke Kahanamoku passed away on January 22, 1968 after a life devoted to surfing.

So now you know why Duke Kahanamoku stars in today's Google Doodle. It is not the first time that this space has been reserved for sport, as it happened recently with the Women's Soccer World Cup. Of course, it is clear that using the Google search engine allows us to meet important people and become more cultured.

What do you think of the Google Doodle dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku? Does this seem appropriate to you, or do you not think she was such an important person either?

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