How to fix "Could not restore chat history" in WhatsApp

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How to fix "Could not restore chat history" in WhatsApp
How to fix "Could not restore chat history" in WhatsApp

Do you see an error on WhatsApp telling you that failed to restore the history of chats? We are going to give you some solutions to try to solve it, a warning that can only appear when you try to restore your chats from a backup .

To restore old conversations from WhatsApp and all the content that you have generated in them (photos, videos, audios, etc.), You must have previously made a backup, otherwise, there will be no possibility of the error appearing because there are no chats to restore .

The error informing you that the chat history could not be recovered will only appear on your phone when you try to restore them when you change your mobile and install WhatsApp for the first timeon that phone, or when you uninstall the app and reinstall it .

This is a frustrating bug because there aren't many actions you can take to fix it, although you can try them to see if you can finally fix the problem and recover all your conversations .

Check that it is the same phone number

A first step that you should check first of all if you get the error that we have mentioned, is that you are using the same phone number as always, from which you had made the backup copy of your WhatsApp chats .

Otherwise, there is no possibility to restore the chats that you had stored in your iCloud account, because the current phone number will not match the one in the chat historyfrom which the backup was made. If the phone number is the same and you get the error, you can keep trying more things

Turn on iCloud Drive on your iPhone

Another detail that you should take into account if you have an iPhone is check that you have activated iCloud Drive on your iPhone, you just have to follow these few steps:

  1. Enter Settings and click on your profile picture.
  2. Now go to iCloud and scroll down until you find the checkbox “iCloud Drive”, make sure it's enabled, if it isn't, enable it. Then try trying again to restore all your WhatsApp conversations to see if it works for you now .
How to fix "Could not restore chat history" in WhatsApp
How to fix "Could not restore chat history" in WhatsApp

Make sure it's the same iCloud account

While Android WhatsApp makes use of its storage service Google Drive to store backup copies, iCloud is used on an iPhone, the Apple cloud, to store the chats and all the generated content there .

Take into account that one of the possible causes for which the error that prevents you from restoring your chat history may appear may have to do with the fact that you did not start in your iPhone with the same iCloud account where the chats are stored .

If you have more than one iCloud account, you should know if it is the same one or not that you used at the time to make the backup of your conversations, you can easily check that by accessing the iPhone settings and clicking on your profile, where the account will appear .

In this case, if you see that it is indeed a different account, we recommend uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone and reinstall it, by starting it again will ask you to verify your phone number and you will have to follow a series of steps to restore the chats with your iCloud account .

WiFi or data network enabled

Another thing you can try to fix this restore chat history error is to check that your phone is connected to the Internet, so check that it really is so, do not try to restore with airplane mode on because it will not work for you .

A very easy way is to enter your phone's browser and enter, for example, Google. In case the browser loads, it means that you have access to the Internet, so you can perform the restore and see if it finishes without any errors.

It is best that you are connected to a WiFi network than to a data network, since restoration can cost several megabytes, so if you have a low data rate, it's the best option, but if you're not worried, you shouldn't have any problems .

Connect to the network you use frequently

On your iPhone, try connecting to the WiFi network you use most often to restore your WhatsApp profile backups on iCloud. Although it may sound silly, you should try this simple step and remember which WiFi network you are connected to the longest .

iCloud seems to work best when you're connected to a WiFi network you already know and use it frequently, so don't miss out this curious detail overlooked, and if you have the opportunity to fulfill it, it is interesting that you carry it out .

iPhone with iOS 8 or later

If you're upgrading to an older iPhone, make sure it has at least iOS 8 or higher, otherwise, When you install WhatsApp and go to recover your conversations, an error will appear informing you that they could not be restored .

This shouldn't be a problem to get back all your WhatsApp conversations, since iOS is already on version 14 and practically all newer Apple devices have this version or one slightly older .

Check if you have space in iCloud

Although it may sound a bit counterintuitive, you should make sure that you have enough space in your iCloud account to be able to restore your chat history, so you can prevent that error from appearing that can ruin the recovery process .

To check this detail, from your iPhone enter Settings and click on your profile, where your face is. Now go below and enter where it says "iCloud", in a few moments you will see if you have free space or not, if you do not have it, it is advisable to expand it or free up space.

To free up space in iCloud , enter where it says “ manage storage”, there you will see which apps make use of the cloud and you will be able to delete the data that each application has in iCloud, which will subtract occupied space that will begin to be free .

Try again later

There may be problems in WhatsApp and it may be partially down and you may not have noticed, so an option to consider is wait a few minutes or try several hours later, ie try to restore your conversations a bit later and wait until then .

The drawback of this option is that you won't be able to use WhatsApp with your old conversations, with those you wanted to restore, you can continue using WhatsApp, but you won't have all the chat history.

Restart your phone or factory reset it

A simple mobile restart can solve many problems, including this one that does not allow you to recover your old WhatsApp chats, it does not allow you to It will take more than 2-3 minutes to turn off your iPhone or Android phone and turn it back on again .

When it turns on, go back into WhatsApp and try to recover your chats now to see if the error that appeared at the beginning no longer appears. As a last option you can try to reset your Android phone or your iPhone, but keep in mind that this erases everything and leaves the phone as factory settings.

There are several options that can help you to solve the error warns that your WhatsApp chats could not be restored, try them all because it is It probably doesn't work for you with any of them, it doesn't hurt to try them all to see if that message no longer appears .