WhatsApp Mods: what they are, how they work and more

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WhatsApp Mods: what they are, how they work and more
WhatsApp Mods: what they are, how they work and more

Surely you have heard about the WhatsApp Mods, but you don't really know what they are and how they work, in fact you could be using one right now and you don't know it, so we tell you everything you need to know about these apps and the risks involved in using them .

Some of the WhatsApp Mods are as popular as the official application itself and their main attraction is to allow you to do things that until now you haven't you can do in the original app, in addition to adding features that make it more interesting and therefore users risk using them .

What is a Mod in WhatsApp?

In the world of applications and games there are many types of mods, many of them dedicated to modifying games that include original, new characters, customization, some objects and other additional features, the same happens with WhatsApp, but adapted to the reality of the app itself .

In general, we see that Mods are not developed by the creators of the game or the original app, therefore they are not they are modifications and official proposals. Nothing included in these unofficial programs and apps can be used in the original versions, so updates are created that must be installed outside of the app stores so that they can run on your mobile .

In the case of WhatsApp Mods we see that in most cases the modifications that are made do not completely alter the original applicationand many of the added features have not been done rigorously or with the necessary care and that is why failures occur in this type of apps .

One of the main risks of using this type of Mods for WhatsApp is that it can cause serious damage to your system or cause a permanent blocking of your accountand in either case you could be very sorry .

In most WhatsApp Mods, modifications focus mainly on elements for customization and security modifications, adding new features and functions, such as changing chat colors, changing font styles, knowing when someone connects, and more .

Risks and problems when using WhatsApp Mods

Using these altered versions of WhatsApp carry some risks that you may regret a little and sometimes a lot. Looking for this type of Mods outside of the official version is a product of the users' need to get more customization alternatives, the possibility of improving the sending of larger files or expanding privacy options .

However, you should know well what can happen when using WhatsApp Mods and we will tell you about some risks:

Blocks by WhatsApp

WhatsApp mods: what they are, how they work and more
WhatsApp mods: what they are, how they work and more

This is the first risk that can occur if you use a Mod. Many of them include updates and features that try at all costs to avoid crashes, but the truth is that If WhatsApp manages to identify that you are not using the official app and instead use a modified version, your phone number will be banned and therefore you will no longer have an account .

The blocking by WhatsApp can be permanent or temporary, but in the case of the use of unauthorized apps it is a sufficient cause so that they permanently delete your account and this will limit that you can communicate with your contacts through the same number .

However, this is not radical action that happens overnight. Regularly you will receive a notice from the company asking you to remove that unauthorized version and they will give you a period of a few days before proceeding with the blocking .

Security of your information

The security of your data is another big risk involved in using WhatsApp Mods, because since it is not an official version, you really don't know who has access to it your information and who is behind that development, so your personal data and everything that happens on your behalf could be exposed .

Remember that when using Mods you lose the privacy offered by the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp provides in communication So no Only you would be exposed, but also those who communicate with you, since a door is also opened to the information of third parties .

Another risk included in security is that it could open up the possibility of your mobile being infected with a virus or with some malware to steal data and that you have already authorized to do so when installing the app volunteer.

Unstable developments

WhatsApp mods: what they are, how they work and more
WhatsApp mods: what they are, how they work and more

We know that WhatsApp suffers worldwide crashes, but application failures are occasional, however in WhatsApp Mods you don't have the guarantee that your application works welland regularly .

Most of these developments have failures, they produce problems receiving or sending messages and it may also leave you disconnected at some point and you don't know it, because when they fail you will not receive messages, calls and any other type of notification.

Goodbye to backup copies

If you're interested in keeping backup copies of your conversations, content, logs, and other personal information, most of these apps can't do itand they are not compatible with the official WhatsApp app either, so if you later want to import what you have done outside of the official version, you may not be able to recover it .

Likewise, if you want to import the backup copies that you have in Drive of your WhatsApp content to use in any Mod, you are not sure that it works correctly and it may cause loss of information or compatibility failures format.

Plugin bugs and compatibility

WhatsApp is compatible with other platforms such as Telegram and also has services such as WhatsApp Web, but when using a Mods you may not have access to these functionalities and you definitely cannot use the desktop version to communicate through messaging since there would be no communication between the computer and the official app servers .

These compatibility issues and the inability to access plugins is one of the ways that can alert WhatsApp about a user using an unofficial version of the application, which would cause one of the aforementioned issues about your account being locked.

The most popular WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp mods: what they are, how they work and more
WhatsApp mods: what they are, how they work and more

Before we have made lists of WhatsApp Mods, starting with the most popular of all, WhatsApp Plus, which is of Spanish origin, but there are also many other options available that you can try to use as a client messages that include original functions and own proposals.

Many of these Mods change names, have low update frequency or simply disappear, but if you still dare to try some of them We leave you several names so you can search for them and try them on your mobile, but first we recommend you read the opinions of other users about each of them:

  1. WhatsApp Plus
  2. GBWhatsApp
  3. FMWhatsApp
  4. WhatsApp Aero
  5. WhatsAppX
  6. HAZRD WhatsApp
  7. WhatsApp Mix
  8. YoWhatsApp
  9. WhatsApp Transparent
  10. GioWhatsApp
  11. DELTA YOWhatsApp
  12. WhatsApp Begal
  13. OGWhatsApp
  14. MBWhatsApp
  15. Fouad WhatsApp
  16. Soula WhatsApp