How to use Chrome Components

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How to use Chrome Components
How to use Chrome Components

It is possible that at times we have had doubts when using Chrome Components , a section of the browser necessary to solve certain problems, and that in sometimes requires to update some of your add-ons individually .

Unlike the Chrome Flags, the Components section includes a small number of elements, which cannot be disabled, uninstalled, or installed independently. The only option available is to "Check for updates" to bring them up to date.

These add-ons or components actually take care of key functions of Chrome, both on desktop and mobile, so they are a mandatory part of the browser, although we will not always use the capabilities of all of them .

To access the Components section we must write this text in the address bar and press "enter":


We'll see a list of elements like this:

How to use Chrome Components
How to use Chrome Components

Apart from the name of each component, indicates the installed version, its status ("Updated" or "Update failed") and offers us the possibility to search for new updates .

Normally, Chrome Components are updated only when the browser itself is updated, so this option is quite hidden. If problems arise, we will have to enter this section, which we already see does not have much to go into in depth .

How to update Chrome components

The process for updating individual components doesn't have many options, but it's important to know if Components ever get caught up they become troublesome. These are the necessary steps:

  1. We have to run Chrome as administrator user of the computer. For example, in the case of Windows we will go to the Start menu, click on "Google Chrome" with the right mouse button, choose "More" and then "Run as administrator":
How to use Chrome Components
How to use Chrome Components
  1. Type in the address bar the corresponding command and press "Enter":


How to use Chrome Components
How to use Chrome Components
  1. We go to the add-on we want to update, and click on " Check for updates":
How to use Chrome Components
How to use Chrome Components
  1. The process may be successful, or it may indicate " Update failed", which is quite common .

If we get the update error, there is no other option than to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it, since you cannot add or remove components one at a time .

We explain the process in the next section, where we see a Netflix bug that is often the main reason users are interested in Chrome Components.

Widevine Content Decryption and M7357-1003 error on Netflix

The most problematic component is called Widevine Content Decryption Module (widevinecdm), and serves to protect content (music and video) from streaming platforms, so that it is difficult to copy it for distribution .

Specifically, Netflix requires this add-on, and if is not working or is an old version, we will get the error M7357-1003, which will prevent playing any series or movies from the browser .

In principle, from Chrome 57 (launched in 2017) we will have the Widevine Content Decryption Module as part of Components, so very few teams will be without it today.

The steps to solve the error M7357-1003 are the following:

  1. Netflix advises us to press the " Check for updates" in the Widevine Content Decryption Module as we explained in the previous section, something that in sometimes fixes the problem, but not always .
  2. If not, the next step is to update Chrome from this path:

Menu three dots -> Help -> Google Chrome info -> Check for updates

How to use Chrome Components
How to use Chrome Components

It would be very strange if error M7357-1003 was still coming up after these steps. It would probably have to do with some advanced settings on the computer (particularly restrictions on computers in a company or organization that have been applied by the administrator).

Anyway, Netflix's solution is to use another browser, as it is also compatible with Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari .

List of Chrome Components and their function

While Google may add new components, or even remove some, the Components list is fairly stable. We will see around 20 plugins on desktop versions, and a few fewer on mobile, each with their goal. These are the functions they perform:

  1. MEI Preload: Loads video and music .
  2. Legacy TLS Deprecation Configuration: For websites that use outdated versions of TLS .
  3. Federated Learning of Cohorts: A system that replaces cookies .
  4. Autofill States Data-To save the autofill text .
  5. Third Party Module List: is responsible for managing HTTP requests .
  6. Subresource Filter Rules: the system for filtering malicious websites and intrusive ads .
  7. Crowd Deny: controls website permissions (cookies, notifications, microphone, webcam, etc.)
  8. Certificate Error Assistant-Manages problems with encryption SSL certificates .
  9. Software Reporter Tool: It collects and sends technical bugs to Google .
  10. CRLSet: Locks certificates when necessary .
  11. pnacl-A tool for developers to test unsafe code .
  12. Chrome Improved Recovery: Repairs your browser if you experience problems updating .
  13. Hyphenation: Related to the display of text .
  14. Safety Tips: Safety tips (such as the red screen when entering a malicious website) .
  15. File Type Policies: Manages the files Chrome opens (PDFs, for example) .
  16. Trust Token Key Commitments: to differentiate real users from bots .
  17. Origin Trials: For development testing .
  18. OnDeviceHeadSuggest: Related to address bar suggestions .
  19. Widevine Content Decryption Module: Security for commercial streaming services .
  20. Zxcvbn Data Dictionaries: For password security .

Until it was discontinued at the end of 2020, it was also Adobe Flash Player was among the components of Chrome Flash can still be used on the computer with some tricks, but big browsers don't support it, not even optionally .

In short, Chrome Components is a key element of the browser, which we shouldn't normally touch, but sometimes causes inconvenience. Now that we know how to use these plugins it will be easier to solve possible errors .