DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

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DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

If you wonder what is DHGate, how to buy there and also if it is reliable, then you are a buyer of online stores, because this page is an electronic sales giant comparable to the well-known Aliexpress and Wish, but with a larger market outside our borders .

DHGate is more popular in the United States and in China, clearly, because it is a store that offers sufficient guarantees so that people feel safe, of course nothing is perfect and we will also be talking about it in this work to determine if it is worth buying there or not .

What is DHGate?

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

Let's start with something as basic as defining this site and where it comes from. DHGate was born in 2005, but only a few years ago it became known in Spain; This platform works in the same way that other product import pages do, with low prices and incredible offers as its banner. After all, it is the attraction of buying in China .

The categories of products are as many as you can imagine, from a simple Jersey, to an accessory for the car… try any search and you will surely find an alternative. One of the main characteristics of this option is the possibility of making wholesale purchases, which ensures one of the first places as distributors of products from China .

How to buy on DHGate

Before we get into the details of how to shop on DHGate from Spain, let's talk in general about how you shop on this site. As a general rule, you must create a record on the site that will be the basis of the entire transaction, for this you only need to enter their website, then click on the top where it says "My DHgate "

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

Once there you have only two options, enter your credentials if you had already registered, or create a new profile and you can decide to enter an email, a password and the verification code; as well as you can access with your Facebook or Google credentials .

At first the site is in English, but you can change the language to Spanish and also choose the payment currency .

On the left side of the screen you will find all the major categories in which DHGate offers products, then within each of them there are subcategories… and as we pointed out at the beginning, the possibilities are endless .

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

Right there you will see the main page with offers, the discounts available by categories and everything that can generate greater savings; just like all e-commerces do, so no news so far .

You may notice that there is a search bar at the top, so if you have something specific in mind, just place it there and the options on the site will jump.

When choosing a product you have two alternatives: Buy now or Add to cart, everything will depend on whether you want to continue shopping, as well as you can pay for that single product instantly .

Just like Aliexpress, even Amazon, most products are inside that Marketplace, but the inventory is owned by sellersVerified, so the review process starts here and then we'll talk about product and store reputations .

A very interesting detail that will save you time and money is that if you place the mouse cursor over a product a button will appear that tells you "Find similar"and by following the link you will then see similar products with their prices and options, there you would then have your own comparison site within the store itself, a smart way to stay within your website .

Now we are going with the procedure from Spain and you will be surprised to learn that they have a small physical store in the country, specifically in Valencia, although with a reduced inventory that focuses mainly on mobiles and accessories .

The prices are quite interesting and you can try the products at the moment before taking them. In general it is a concept quite similar to Aliexpress Plaza, but much smaller and with fewer products or variety .

To buy on the website from Spain you must follow the same procedure as from anywhere in the world, although we recommend you pay attention to delivery times, especially be aware of shipping methods that include a tracking number .

Discount coupons within DHGate

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

The goal of any online store is to make you buy, that's why you'll see that all you have to do is enter the site and discount coupons will start popping up, something that will also happen if you decide to have the app on your mobile .

When you enter your profile, in the My DHGate section, you will see a menu called My coupons, there you will see the available personalized coupons so you can make purchases of different products, most of those discounts come from sellers that you have previously purchased from them and offer you discounts and combined purchases .

Payment methods on DHGate

Here comes perhaps one of the negative aspects of buying on DHGate and it has to do with how limited the payment methods can be. Within the platform you can use cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and they also accept payments with ApplePay or bank transfers; finally there are other lesser known payment methods .

You may notice that we did not place PayPal among the payment methods and it was not that we forgot to do it, but rather that the platform does not accept that means of paymentand it is something that can make many buyers flee, since it is a safe, reliable and very popular method in this type of online stores .

Another thing we didn't like about payment methods is that each seller decides how they will receive the amount for the product they are selling, in order to finalize the purchase; something that is in the product description and that you can see when paying .

Shipments with DHGate

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

Here we go with another of the aspects that generate controversy of any purchase from China, but in the case of DHGate we see that they have different options, even from the description of the product the seller himself already shows you the alternatives they offer, for example, if you want to receive it faster you can pay for DHL or FedEx to deliver your package .

In general, the shipping time is not very different from what Gearbest, Wish or Aliexpress can offer you, which on average can be a month, and can be extended a few more weeks in many cases.

Another aspect that you must take into account is customs costs, on the page they make it clear that the amount you pay corresponds to the product price and shipping, but do not include taxes .

As a general rule, any product that you buy and import into Spain with a price greater than 30 euros must pay VAT, but that It will depend on the treatment of the package and the management at Customs. In the event that you want Correos to do the processing on your behalf, you must pay the DUA, which is less than 25 euros .

So if you want to make an important purchase, it is recommended that you add these costs to your accounts so that you can assess if it is worth it, because in some cases it ends up being exactly the same as in Spain, but in others by adding taxes you would still be saving money .

DHGate: Purchase Guarantees

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

Now we move on to another important aspect when it comes to shopping on DHGate and it has to do with the guarantees for buyers, which will be subject to different circumstances .

You may receive a refund for the cost of a product , where you have not received the product you bought or when you receive something that does not correspond with the description of what you paid for, which may be partial or total in the second case .

As in all dispute processes of these online stores, they ask you to contact the seller to try to solve it, after not reaching agreement then you can initiate a claim and contact DHGate Return & Refund Policy .

This instance will act as a mediator for the company and will request the evidence to be able to argue your claim, which will finally tell you what the result is. An interesting aspect that can give you a lot of confidence is that DHGate does not release the payment to the seller until the buyer confirms receipt of the package .

Tricks to buy cheap on DHGate

There will always be a bag, a pair of sneakers or a watch from a brand that we like too much, but its price is too high and we cannot pay for it, but there will always be the opportunity to have a good copy of that we love so much and replicas in Chinese stores abound, so DHGate is no exception .

The trick we want to teach you is that if you want to get a product of a specific brand, in a replica, you must place the brand in the search bar and just after a point, that will display a huge menu with the available options and surely there you will get what you want but for a much lower price .

DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more
DHGate: how to buy, is it reliable and more

In the event that you want to get the best sellers, then you have to do it as in most of these platforms, through ratingsThe positive and negative comments generate a reputation, being able to filter the comments and evaluations by dates, being able to see very well how the behavior of that specific seller has been and know if it is trustworthy .

The recommendation is that choose products from sellers with many sales, that will give you peace of mind that you are making a reliable transaction, so done in the product description you will be able to see how many units of a product has been sold, because it will always be better to buy from someone who has sold 5000 than from someone who has sold 50 .

Is DHGate reliable?

There are many factors to consider, but if we look at it from a price point of view, DHGate is an excellent alternative, but shipping times are a problem recurring in opinions, because they take much more days than stipulated .

Another negative aspect, as we pointed out before, is that they do not receive PayPal as a means of payment and that can create a feeling of insecurity. However, DHGate has PCI-DSS certification and QSP & Payment Facilitator Certification, something that can create a climate of greater customer reliability .

In general, inconveniences may occur with some sellers and in this case, the fact that your payment is held until you receive the product can give you greater confidence when buying .

Finally, we must say that DHGate is reliable and you can make your purchases from Spain in that online store, but keeping in mind the drawbacks with deliveries that normally happen when buying in China .