Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works

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Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works
Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works

Minecraft is a video game where we can do almost anything. On this occasion, we will see what the impale enchantment is and how it works, an enchantment that we can apply to our trident to be much stronger underwater .

Minecraft is a game that is updated regularly. In each update Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, usually includes a multitude of novelties and new objects. Since version 1.13 of the game released in 2018, underwater worlds were included where different buildings and enemies exist .

We must take oxygen into account and equip ourselves correctly to go to this type of “Dungeons” in which we usually find to multitudes of enemies. Sometimes, depending on which enemy we eliminate, they offer us different objects .

How to Get and Repair a Trident

Just like to get meat we must kill an animal, in order to get a trident we must kill drowned zombies, which they can drop a damaged trident, which we can repair on an anvil with another trident. You should know that the experience cost to repair it is very high .

It is true that the vast majority of tridents are damaged when a drowning man drops them upon death. Since a trident is an exclusive item for drowned zombies,it is not possible to craft it in Minecraft, we will have to get several tridents to be able to repair one of them, so we will have to kill several drowned .

When we have several tridents in our inventory, we must manufacture or make use of an anvil. To repair a trident we must gather the damaged to the new one, so that in this way, the life of the trident can be increased .

Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works
Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works

Ideally it would be to leave it as if it had never been used, although we probably need several damaged tridents to achieve this fact and as we have said before we will need a lot of experience to be able to carry out the repair .

How to get the Impale Charm

Enchantments in Minecraft are not usually easy to get far from it, on many occasions we must go to villages to trade with them villagers that are usually found in villages throughout the map .

It is also possible that the trident already has a spell applied to it, although this is rare. The impale charm will make us stronger and we can annihilate any enemy underwater, with the exception of the drowned, which are more difficult to kill .

The tridents are objects that wear out very quickly, therefore we must always have several in our inventory to repair ours or get another enchantment, durability, which will make our trident last much longer .

In our complete guide to enchantments you can see all the enchantments available for the trident as well as the impale enchantment, which you can apply to other objects to help you in your explorations.

The durability enchantment is much more common than the impale one, so it will be an easier task for us to get hold of it, to Going on safe ground, it is best to go to a village and make exchanges with the correct villager, since not all of them give the same objects .

How to Enchant the Trident

Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works
Spell "Impale" in Minecraft: what it is and how it works

Most of the enchantments can be obtained by trying to enchant an object or weapon, but in the case of the impale enchantment, we can only obtain it by trading with the villagers to obtain it.

To obtain the impaling enchantment more easily, it is best to have a farm of villagers and a "trading" station so that we can find the book with the impaling enchantment as soon as possible.

Once we have achieved the enchantment of impaling we will have to apply it to the trident and we will get it with an anvil,all we have to do is place the trident in the box to the left of the anvil and the book in the right and we can see our trident enchanted with impaling .

When we are sure that everything is correct, we can select it and drag it to our inventory to be able to use it .

As we can imagine, in order to get the impale spell in Minecraft in survival mode we must have a multitude of materials, something that will probably help us it can take a long time. Although we must bear in mind that we can test all of the above using the creative mode .