How to grow views on TikTok

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How to grow views on TikTok
How to grow views on TikTok

TikTok is the fashionable social network among the youngest and not so young, but it is undoubtedly one of the most used global level. A great opportunity to increase our presence on platforms other than the classic Twitter or Instagram and from which today we give you some tricks to learn how to grow views

As in the rest of the social networks, TikTok does not have a magic wand with which to grow views. The only proven method is to go up little by little with constanciaDo not pay attention to the accounts that make you have thousands of views in a short time, because it will be a lie or a fraud .

Providing daily content to your followers is perhaps the first step you should take into account. An empty profile, with little content or irregular is not the most desirable scenario to hit the follow button. In addition to having many videos on our profile, but above all of quality .

Increase the number of followers to grow views

How to grow views on TikTok
How to grow views on TikTok

To grow views you have to grow your followers just like you would on Instagram. It may seem complicated to gain a foothold, but nothing is further from the truth, with perseverance you can have many followers, as it is easier than on Instagram .

And the fact is that visualizations are usually related to the number of followers except in very specific cases. To grow views you must have some loyal followers who watch your videos and this is achieved by giving visibility to your profile .

You can do this in many ways. The classic method of following a lot of people so that they end up getting into your profile and if they like you they will follow you back, growing the views at the same rate .

Use other social networks to promote your TikTok

Another method to make yourself known is to use your other social networks as a springboard That is, use your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to bring those same followers (and others that will bounce back) to your TikTok profile

You can promote your TikTok on Instagram by making a post in the form of a photo and putting your profile in the bio link so that the followers transfer even easier .

Quality and trends to grow views

You should also take care of the quality of your music videos and provide original content There is nothing more negatively affecting to grow views than to do the same as other accounts and be boring. Basically the strategy should be based on standing out in some way within the TikTok network .

Check which are the most viral videos of the moment and try to create your own videos with the same viral effect that is in fashion and so on we can make a place for ourselves in the great community of Tiktokers, which is really big .

Another fundamental pillar and once you have a good number of followers is the interaction with your community. This will create a more personal link and they will visit you more frequently making grow views .

And last but not least: take advantage of trends TikTokLike other social networks, they base a large part of their traffic on trends Get on the wave by contributing your personal grain of sand and you will surely see the growth of the views .

You already know how to grow views on TikTok through the creation of good content and the potential transfer of other followers from other social networks with more travel. You are with the main keys to be able to increase that number of views of your profile .