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Amazon Pantry arrives in Spain, a new online supermarket
Amazon Pantry arrives in Spain, a new online supermarket

Today something that many users expected has been presented, the arrival in Spain of Amazon Pantry, the first online supermarket where you will not have a minimum order to make the purchase.

Prime Now was introduced some time ago, specializing in the sale of fresh products available in some countries and which promises us to have our purchases at home In an hour. Now there are products that are not fresh that we need such as hygiene products among many others.

It's nothing new that Amazon want to make you the only online store that wants to sell us everything and also without leaving home, a comfort that is spreading more and more. Now Amazon Pantry comes into play, a supermarket that sells us products that are not fresh.

Shopping Categories

Amazon Pantry arrives in Spain, a new online supermarket
Amazon Pantry arrives in Spain, a new online supermarket

At Amazon Pantry we can find the following product categories:

  1. Alimentation and drinks.
  2. Home care and pets.
  3. Shampoos, deodorants and commitments.
  4. He alth and personal care.
  5. Babies: diapers, bathing and feeding.

Among these categories we can access shopping lists already made depending on what we want to buy of course, for example if we want a dinner Italian to surprise your partner you can access the shopping cart called "Italian Dinner" where you can buy the ideal products for that night.

The boxes, Amazon's secret

There is no minimum order to be able to buy, that is, you can buy a bag of chips or an entire shopping cart, on the other hand Amazon Pantry distributes your purchases in boxes which according to Amazon have a capacity of 20 kilos or 11 litersensuring that it is like a shopping cart.

The price of each box or cart has a price of 3.99 euros, that is, whatever you buy you will always have to pay the price of a box or of the ones you occupy, we must remember that to be able to buy in Amazon Pantry we have to be Amazon Premium customers.

Great incentive for non-Premium customers to consider the offer so they can shop from home without having to spend more for shipping or in this case for example in fuel for the car.

Now you know Amazon Pantry, and if you are a Premium customer you can make your purchase whenever you want and with great advantages.

Are you an Amazon Premium customer? Would you do the shopping from home or would you prefer to go to the store yourself?

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